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The Afterball™ Cap gives you everything you want from your baseball cap minus what you don’t want. The Ballcap is your solution so you don't have to turn your cap backwards.

If you are a sports fan looking for something cool to wear, the Ballcap brings you functionality that works as well at the game, as it does after.

See the new colors!

White Table
Red table
Black Table

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For years, the hoodie has been synonymous with casual comfort. It’s a staple for sports teams, the primary gear on college campuses and essential for weekend hangouts. We love to wear our hoodies but sometimes the hood just gets in the way.

The Afterball™ Hoodless takes your favorite hoodie, out of the hood.

Hoodless Black

Hoodless Black

Hoodless Grey

Hoodless Grey

Hoodless Red

Hoodless Red



Afterball™ Solutions takes some of the most popular clothing in the industry and creates practical alternatives to fit your  individual style. We bring over 20 years of experience in the Sports and Fashion industry.

The Ballcap™ and Hoodless™ were created as solutions for how you want to wear your favorite gear. Now you no longer have to turn your hat backwards to get that annoying visor out of the way or have a bulky hood that restricts your movement.

Afterball™ Solutions also provides inspirational books, artwork, and consulting services.

Whether you want to make a fashion statement or looking for a source of motivation, Afterball’s solutions has an answer for you!


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